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juciferLong-time MetalSucks reader Rohit G. emailed us to tell us of the apparently disastrous Jucifer performance at Brooklyn’s Club Europa this past Saturday night, July 12th, at which the band was kicked off the stage by the venue before they had finished their set. You’ve no doubt read about Jucifer before — Axl wrote a piece in anticipation of their latest album L’Autrichienne, released this past March via Relapse, and has waved ecstatic about the album to me on many an occasion. Iann Robinson @ Nonelouder also wrote it a rave review. Personally, I don’t get what the big deal is… like, at all. But to each his own.

After the jump, read what Rohit had to say about the band’s performance and their alleged premature ending:

The guitar was so overdriven and fuzzy it was completely inaudible. The drummer himself was nowhere close to being tight. He couldn’t even keep a steady beat. Unless he was trying to accent the guitar in some way, but we couldn’t tell because the guitar was so loud and inaudible. Don’t get me wrong, I have no problem with loudness, it was a metal/rock show, that’s fine. But there volume was excessive, not only did they have a nonsense wall of sound, which is actually pretty cool, but the place is an echo chamber. Maybe if it was outside or in just a bigger venue. But that show they put on was horrible. Drums were annoying, and not smooth, He couldn’t keep a steady blastbeat or any other rhythm. And the guitar just sounded like an excessively overdriven bass.

The club even shut them down. HOW DOES A SIGNED ACT GET CUT OFF?!?!?!? A venue like that should be pleased to have a singed [sic] band, signed to Relapse nonetheless, play their stage. But no they actually kicked them off.

Now, I wouldn’t dare report anything sent to us by one reader as stone-cold fact; but why would the fellow bother to lie? It appears Jucifer had a really, really bad night. Can anyone confirm/deny these accusations?


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