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ANOTHER NEW GUNS N’ ROSES SONG LEAKS!Well, it was only a matter of time: yet another song from Axl Rose’s revamped Guns N’ Roses has leaked online, and, as usual, it’s surrounded in some mystery: it would seem obvious that the song is “Shackler’s Revenge,” which is scheduled to appear on the new edition of the Rock Band video game next month… bu the mp3 is actually labeled “Chicken Dinner.” Could this be some sick joke by a misguided Buckethead fan (the guitar playing on the track is pretty clearly by the former GN’R guitarist)?

Anyway, some of the vocals during the verse sound nothing like Axl, but that’s clearly him kickin’ it on the chorus, which, as Vince just said to me, is kinda alt-rock – but in a majorly catchy way.

So what does this mean in the major scheme of things, Chinese Democracy-wise? Probably nothing. More updates as we get ’em.


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