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  • Axl Rosenberg

MISERY INDEX CARE ABOUT THE ECONOMYIt’s funny to think that “misery index” is actually an economic term – you wouldn’t expect the dudes in Misery Index to spend a whole lotta time thinking about unemployment and inflation rates.

But based on the cover art for and title of the band’s new album, Traitors, it does seem pretty clear that these Maryland metallers have politics on the brain, and if the horribly fucked-up wreckage that is the current U.S. economy isn’t of the utmost relevance to the current political situation, than nothing is.

ANYWAY, Traitors is currently streaming in its entirety here. I haven’t gotten to listen to the entire thing, but I’ve liked what I’ve heard. And while there’s no song called “504 Point Drop” or “It’s Not Just a ‘Readjustment’ You Prick,” there is a track entitled “Ruling Class Cancelled.”

Look for Misery Index to team up with All Shall Perish for the “Marxist Metalfest ’09” sometime next year. It’ll be that much more relevant/depressing/whatever once Sarah Palin is president.


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