dillinger escape planNot just because they plan to continue bringing you dissonant goodness by recording a new album in mid-2009 but because they’d like to hear your opinions on your favorite DEP songs and just about everything else:

Oh, yeah, just out of curiosity…what’s everyone’s favorite Dillinger song? Is there a song you wish we would play live that we don’t ever seem to? I’m curious…we’ve got a lot of different shit out now and it’s interesting to hear what you have to say about it all. You guys hear a lot of our opinions about everything under the sun but we don’t get to hear yours too much….

we’re trying to make this whole blogging process a bit more interactive, because we actually DO give a shit and feel a kinship with our fans and don’t just think of you guys/gals as soundscans or ticket sales like I was saying before, so with that in mind I am envisioning these blogs kinda turning into little mini message boards in the comments, a roundtable so to speak, so if you say something relevant pertaining to our blog posts, check back on here later, we may comment on your comment.

Hey, if ya’ll ever want to blog for MetalSucks the door’s open. Didn’t you get the memo? Personal blogs are all the rage in the world of online music marketing.

Anyway, color us pysched for a new DEP record, even if we’ve got to wait another year or so for it.


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