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HELP YOUR AILING METAL BRETHRENTwo of metal’s most prominent young bands now have front men who need serious medical attention and, as is so often the case these days, do not have the health insurance to pay for it. Find out how you can help after the jump.

  1. Lambgoat reports that Chris Fox, vocalist for MetalSucks grindcore faves See You Next Tuesday,  is in serious need of surgery, pronto. Fox explains in a statement that “The first day we arrived to Europe on this past tour, I noticed my right armpit was a little sore. I felt around and I noticed a hard lump about the size of a marble. Over time it kept getting more painful and larger… This thing is about the size of a golf ball now, so on the outside it looks about the size of an orange. It is very painful.” Even though the lump is apparently benign, doctors have told Fox he needs to have it removed ASAP. You can make donations to Chris via PayPal; his e-mail address is [email protected]
  2. Look: it’s no secret that I think the band Blessed by a Broken Heart suck. But vocalist Tony Gambino was a good sport about it, even leaving comments  here at the site thanking us for the free publicity. And when we met BBABH guitarist Sean Maier while he was touring with Into Eternity, not only did he turn out to be a super nice dude, but he knew who we were, knew how much we hated his band, and made no effort to attack us or poison our beers or anything. So: Gambino is in the hospital with what is apparently meningitis (and in case you’re not familiar with meningitis, well… it’s fucking serious and you should knock on wood that you never have to deal with it or have a loved one deal with  it). You can donate to Tony’s medical fund right here. Even if, like me, you think his band sucks.

Sending best wishes and good thoughts to both of these dudes…


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