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2009 is a big year for big boys Dale Crover and Buzz Osbourne. Indeed, the Melvins plan to fucking commemorate twenty-five long years of making music to make you sick. How exactly do these sludge metal monoliths intend to do that? Why, by playing anniversary shows, of course!

Four dates (NYC, Boston, Chicago, Austin) of what I hope will ultimately be just the beginning of this silver jubilee have been announced, and the planned performances are gonna be a real treat for their diehard fans. Each of these gigs will feature Houdini played in its entirety, which admittedly has already been done. The second part of the set, however, will be material from 1983, which many of you will recognize from the Mangled Demos release that came out a couple years ago on Mike Patton’s Ipecac imprint. Zoinks!

Oh, speaking of which, the great Trevor Dunn (Mr. Bungle / Fantomas / Secret Chiefs 3) will handle bass duties for the Houdini bits, while Crover will cover bass on the Mangled Demos shit. But wait a second: if Crover’s playing bass for part of the shows, then who’s behind the drum kit? The answer is founding Melvins drummer Mike Dillard. That’s right. You can shit your pants now.

In case you were wondering, the Big Business boys wont be part of this go-round, as apparently they’ll be touring separately in support of their next Hydra Head album Mind The Drift, which hopefully doesn’t suck like the preview track they’ve released. Tickets go on sale this Friday at noon for the May 15 show at New York’s Webster Hall.


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