Scraping Genius Off The Wheel


  • Gary Suarez

driftyAccording to those bearded weirdos at Hydra Head, Mind The Drift, the third album from Big Business will be available for consumption this coming April. (For you depraved losers who still require turntables to maintain an erection, the vinyl will be available later this month.) If you’d talked to me a few months ago, I’d be downright thrilled for new music from these guys. But after my palpable disappointment with “Gold and Final”, I remain skeptical as to whether or not this record will even come close to the mighty metal mined on Here Come The Waterworks. Much to my surprise and, yes, dismay, the inclusion of guitarist Toshi Kasai (Dale Crover’s partner in Deaf Nephews) on the two (out of eight) new tracks streaming at the band’s MySpace page left this fan less than impressed.

Based on the band’s history of making seriously awesome rock, I wont dismiss Mind The Drift entirely until I actually hear the tunes on record or live. Speaking of which: information on upcoming Big Business concerts are starting to trickle like warm urine down a pants leg. Tickets go on sale this Friday for a May 10th gig at New York’s teensy Mercury Lounge. Opening will be Tweak Bird, a Deaf Nephews produced band that earned a coveted (dis)honorable mention in my end of year round-up. You can also catch Tweak Bird separately on a monthlong string of dates including appearances at the SXSW festival that I will not be attending because I am not cool.


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