When Sigh mainman Mirai Kawashima offered to do a series of blogs from the studio where the band is recording their new album, Scenes from Hell, it was an opportunity too cool for us to pass up. Below find Mirai’s third entry; you can find his first one here, his second one here, and his third one here. More will follow in coming days and weeks. Enjoy!

OK, this time I’d like to talk a little bit about Dr. Mikannibal’s favorite foods first. As we reported before, her preference of foods is slightly different from others. Just take a look at the above photo of the noodles with those giant worms. She eats anything from gross bugs to bull’s penis. She even keeps hundreds of cockroaches to eat! Well, at first she was keeping them as a bait for her pet Gecko, but now they’re her important protein suppliers. According to her, “Roaches taste just like a shrimp.” Don’t get me wrong, this ain’t a Japanese culture or anything, it’s just her!


People may think these are nothing but a shock tactics, but I assure you they’re not. She sings in nude and she eats those gross things. However, I am not sure about the last rule, “Don’t masturbate during the recording.”

I believe that this rule is pretty much convincing, unlike other ones. Athletes often have rules like this to get the best result. But, I must doubt if she really keeps the rule during the recording period. I really don’t think she can keep away her favorite acu-massager for such long. I really don’t think she can stay away from her favorite site for such long. If shock tactics exist, this could be it…

The album recording is going very well. Definitely it will be something truly powerful, symphonic and scary. The album artwork is being finished soon too, which is very much Scenes from Hell.


Sigh’s new album, Scenes from Hell, will be out later this year on The End Records.

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