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Nekrogoblikon are literally the only good thing iTunes has ever recommended to me. If you don’t know them, well, they’re this totally bitchin’ band that is crazy obsessed with goblins. Some of you will say that’s a gimmick. Those people clearly have no sense of what’s important in life. And I’ll tell you what’s important in life: goblins. And making records about goblins. Specifically islands of goblins. And armies of goblins. And Christmas armageddon with goblins.

We’d heard just about a year ago that this goblin-tastic outfit was working on a new offering, and then, nuthin’. It was as though the band had been gobbled up. Gobbled up by goblins.

But, hey, what’s this? The band DOES have a new album coming out! Thus spake Blabbermouth:

“So, everyone’s been wondering about our second album [entitled Stench] and what the hell is going on with it. Well, we’re getting it done, but we’ve had a few setbacks. Almost all the rhythm guitars are complete as well as a bunch of leads. Keyboard-wise, most of the album is written, but recording has been progressing slowly due to the difficulty of the songs — that applies to guitars too. We’ve had to really step up for this album to keep it tight and shreddy up to the goblin standards. We’re definitely going to top [2006’s] Goblin Island, and I think this album will tear assholes and cause heart attacks. Lyrics are close to being done, and Nicholas Von Doom and I will need to hole up in a vocal booth with a few bottles of rum, whiskey, vodka, and beer for about a week to do those. We also have some studio diary episodes waiting to be uploaded, so I’m going to put some finishing touches on the editing and to YouTube they go.”

I think Stench is a great name for an album and I’m certainly always game to have my asshole torn, but I am a little bummed that the record title contains no overt references to goblins. There are some pre-production demos on the band’s MySpace page, and they, too, are seriously lacking in goblin references. But I’m cool with that. You know why? Because loving goblins isn’t a gimmick. It’s a lifestyle.

We’ll post more news on this incredible band as we get it, but, in the meantime, just keep this in mind: goblins are better than trolls.


Thanks to longtime MetalSucks Maniac and fellow goblin gobbler Mark Moritz-Rabson for the tip!

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