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[UPDATE: The band has posted an official update clarifying the matter.]

It was inevitable, right?

MetalSucks Maniac Scott Reisher sent in a now-defunct link from the Boston Phoenix announcing that the classic Jupiter-era lineup has reunited for a new vinyl-only EP, to be called Planets of Old, which will see a July release through Hydra Head Records.

The fact that the Boston Phoenix story is now down is worth noting; perhaps someone leaked info prematurely or perhaps all the facts weren’t straight. A Lambgoat report corroborates the above news but also cites the pulled Phoenix link as a source.

So, assuming this news is true, it begs the question:

What will new Cave In sound like? A return to Until Your Heart Stops-era metallicized hardcore seems highly unlikely, and frankly uninteresting for a band who have progressed so much over the years. Jupiter / Antenna-era atmosphericore would be nice but the band doesn’t seem eager to revisit an era marked my major label strife and turmoil. That leaves us with the stoney rawk-core of 2005’s Perfect Pitch Black as the only likely reference point for what Cave In could sound like in 2009. But four years later, are Cave In really likely to revisit any style they’ve already done? Here’s a band who have changed markedly from album to album and have never once repeated themselves. Let’s expect — and hope — for a completely new era of Cave In starting this July.

Enough with the so-so side projects… new Cave In this year!!


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