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enfold darknessSumerian Records are the “it” label of 2009; those dudes are seriously killing it over there. Seeing the headline “<insert band name here> sign to Sumerian Records” in my RSS reader is always worthy of a click, because at this point you’re sure to get a quality listen. And their model for success is as forward thinking as the music of the bands they sign: capitalize on a burgeoning progressive death metal scene (Sumeriancore. Can we please get everyone to start using this term?) by tying bands into a business model based around a booking agency and package tours rather than selling records. Touring = Win, Selling Records = Fail. Brilliant! How come no one thought of this before? We’re scratching our heads. We’re not the only ones taking notice, either: read what Psyopus’ Chris Arp had to say about Sumerian Records when I interviewed him last month.

Anyway, meet Enfold Darkness, the latest additions to the A-Grade (except one band) Sumerian roster. Enfold Darkness take the trademark Sumeriancore proggy/techy/deathy sound and add their own blacky touch. It’s good. They got the chops. They got the songs. What else do you need? Check ’em out on MySpace.

Enfold Darkness will release their Sumerian debut Our Cursed Rapture sometime this year. Stay tuned.


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