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billy-milano-towelAs an interviewer, you quickly learn that you have very little control how an interview goes. Of course, you can show up well prepared and ready to chat all day long, but if the person you’re interviewing turns out to be a diva/an imbecile/hungover/whatever, there’s really nothing you can do but try to get through it as quickly and painlessly as possible and hope it translates in way that is at least semi-interesting way for the eventual reader.

Of course, in the case of

You were in SOD and then MOD. Do you ever talk to Dave Mustaine about how he should have named Megadeth “Netallica” instead? What do you think of “Slayer 2”?
Never cared to ask Dave about that shit, Slayer 2? I actually think there was a band called slayer from Texas or somewhere and Slayer in LA was a band at that time. That is something you need to check on.
[I seriously think he missed the point of this question. I know he is not going to be in MENSA anytime soon but honestly… it’s kind of sad to see a human being who is this dense!]

An argument has been made by some that the cost of medical care for illegal immigrants is not as costly to the US economy as caring for the medical needs of the overweight Americans. Do you care to comment?
Yes this is true, I have read that argument and it has valid points but let me embellish. No illegal immigrant should be given FREE health care or GOVERNMENT sponsored health care when American citizens who do NOT have health care can and are denied.
[I think he also missed the point of this question. Hint: we were calling you fat, Billy the Hut]

Now, under normal circumstances, I imagine that Metal Inquisition would be fielding angry phone calls and e-mails from some butthurt publicist right about now. Luckily for them, I’m fairly certain no publicist in the world gives two shits about Billy Milano at this point.

You MUST read the rest of this interview. And props to

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