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gwar oderus urungusLast week we made Gwar’s intergalactic frontman Oderus Urungus available to answer your questions, for which you wasted no time in posting them in the comments. Mr. Urungus picked his favorites and sent them back to us yesterday, and the results are predictably raunchy and entertaining!

Since this went so well, we’re going to turn it into a bi-monthly regular column Ask Oderus. Got any questions? Post them in the comments below, and Oderus himself will choose his favorites and post his answers here in two weeks.

Q: How does it feel to have Greg Gutfeld lodged so far up your ass?

A: Quite nice really, he isn’t that large!

More questions answered after the jump…

Since your Oscar worthy performance in the movie Empire Records, why have you shunned Hollywood and the Movie industry?

I have not, they have shunned me. But I have made a name for myself in another area of movie-dom – television!

What do you do when you see an endangered animal that is eating an endangered plant?

Stomp the life out of both of them.

You are suddenly attacked by a large naked man. How do you beat him off?

With my mouth!

That kid that was on Jerry Springer during the “Shock Rock” special, did he ever get a decent haircut and take off the lipstick? Or did he just get the crap beat out of him like he said was ok?

He didn’t make it out of the building. As soon as the show was over he was stripped, flayed, and sectioned. His body was fed to pigs.

What is the worst thing you have ever done by your own standard of morality?

Put up with art-fags as long as I have.

How’s the weather on Scumdogia?

Molten pus, methane clouds moving in throughout the afternoon… tomorrow? Chance of lava.

When do you get your own Fox News show?

A show is coming but still won’t satisfy me. I want an entire fucking network!

Rosie O’Donnell or Tom Cruise–who would you rather fuck?

I would fuck Rosie O’Donnell with Tom Cruise.

Have you ever thought of making a scale model of the Statue of Liberty entirely out of meat?

No I haven’t… and I thought I had thought of everything! Maybe I should put you on the payroll!


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