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Have you ever listened to Tool? Have you ever listened to Tool… on weed??? Have you ever listened to Tool played on a piano by one manon weed???

This is pretty fucking incredible. The fact that composer Adam Monroe was able to create a piano rendition of “Lateralus” is pretty impressive. That his version doesn’t just ape the original but includes a whole lot of his own flair is really fucking impressive. And the fact that he sings on top of it and nails the performance of this epic song is just… wow. I really can’t fathom how he stays on top of three different rhythms and melody lines all at once — left hand, right hand, vocals. This is no small feat given Tool’s penchant for having each instrument do its own thing, only each guy in Tool only has to focus on his own part while this guy is doing everything at once. You know those crazy buskers you see on the street sometimes who play drums with their feet, sing, and play two different instruments with their hands? It’s like that. Unbelievable.


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