• Axl Rosenberg

MS Maniac Allan Petteruto sent us the below. It’s actually very sad. So sad that I have no desire whatsoever to make fun of the people involved. Just watch it first, then get my thoughts after the jump.

So, first of all, this girl is obviously a dummy, and a reprehensible person to boot. And the easy argument to be made here is that Juggalos are white trash and white trash make bad parents.

And that argument might be half-right.

See, painful though it is for me to admit, I recently befriended someone who is a)  a really cool dude and b) a Juggalo. Difficult to comprehend, I know. And maybe the tr00 thing to do would be to say “Well, you like ICP so you can’t really be cool and we can’t be friends.”

I’m not gonna do that because I’m not a prick (well, not a total prick), but even if I did – it would do nothing prove that Juggalos are bad parents. Or, at least, that they don’t necessarily make worse parents than Slayer fans or Motley Crue fans or Emperor or whatever band. I think it’s safe to say that “white trash” probably don’t make good parents, or “idiots” don’t make good parents – but making Juggalo-specific is going too far.

I fully expect many of you to make dead Juggalo baby jokes in the comments section below, and I’m fine with that. But there’s a reason I didn’t wanna put this post under the “Laugh at Others’ Misfortunes” category.


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