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This is kind of like that video of Ronnie James Dio slamming Vivian Campbell in that things start off all normal, then the guy gets going on one topic, gets heated, and he’s off to the fucking races! Only it’s way funnier, and instead of Ronnie James Dio slamming Vivian Campbell it’s George motherfucking Corpsegrinder Fisher talking about… his affection for World of Worldcraft!

Not even 5 seconds into the interview, in response to a question about what he’ll do with his time off, the guy launches into a tirade that lasts over 7 minutes. Fuck this, fuck that, I love World of Warcraft, I have 4 characters at Level 70, fuck Night Elves (whatever those are…), fuck The Alliance (whatever that is…), I love World of Warcraft, I play it all the time on tour, I’ll fuck you, fuck this, fuck that… this is pure, grade-A, choice, 14-karat gold video footage right here. GOLD! This is a couple of years old already but I’m guessing most of you haven’t seen it yet.

There are so many potential World of Warcraft / Cannibal Corpse puns to be made here I don’t even know where to start. Give it your best shot in the comments.


[Thanks: Zmurciuk Kirill]

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