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Are you ever going to write again? Is your column at Metalsucks over? Where the fuck have you been? Why don’t you hang out? You better be ditching me for a really good reason! You’re in town? Why didn’t I know? Etc. Etc. Etc.

At first I didn’t know what I was getting myself into. If I did, I would’ve told everyone in my life that I was going to have to disappear for about a month or two but I was not expecting this to be such a gargantuan undertaking. But it is. When the questions as to my absence started coming in I didn’t make much effort to answer them because I figured the workload was going to lighten up a little. It hasn’t. Friends, fans, family members, band mates, business partners, ex-girlfriends, and more have all been hitting me up asking where the fuck I’ve been. When Vince wrote me and asked me where I was I figured ok, its time to come out of the cave for a moment.

If you’re wondering what I’m talking about, it’s the writing and production of the record that my better half, Emil Werstler, and I are making with my favorite drummer ever, Sean Reinert.  The deadline on it is the end of the year. We have no way to extend that because in January DAATH is scheduled to begin writing our next album, which will be recorded in April.  What kind of workload is it? Well… It’s been either all-nighters or twenty hour days every day since we got back from our last European tour in October. This record we’re making is the most intense musical experience I’ve ever been a part of and I’m loving it. This music is so dense and so technical that not only is it a brain fuck, but it’s also a tendon fuck. It is taking up ALL of my mental and physical energy and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Sometimes this is what it takes to make art happen. An almost insane devotion, or obsession, where just about everything else in your life falls by the wayside, or in my case, is simply put on hold. When I finish one of our marathon sessions I’m so worn out that there’s simply nothing left for blogging, communicating with people, basic human social needs, etc. Anyways, point is, Emil and I have been putting in some serious hours to bring you guys what we feel is going to be truly an amazing record.

This update is being written as our final session in Atlanta is being finished. We’re packing up our guitars, a basic version of my studio, some changes of clothing, and we’re driving to Orlando tomorrow to meet up with Mark Lewis, who’s mixing this bitch. He’s gonna mix, we’re gonna finish the recording. 2 more weeks and this insanity is all over.  You guys have been a very welcoming and amazing audience for my thoughts and I will definitely be writing many more blogs.  So with that, I’m peacing out. I hope you’re all doing well. We’ll yell at each other online about smoking weed, the downfall of metal, plane crashes, strippers, drugs, sex, rock n roll, drunk driving, plastic surgery, nuclear fallout, really amazing beards like the one I’m rocking now, triggers, and more in the very near future. Till then, if you guys want, hit me up and let me know if there’s anything you would like me to write about.



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