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airbourne - no guts. no glory.I, for one, happen to like Airbourne. Much like Doc Coyle, I generally can’t get behind bands who unscrupulously rehash their forebears, but for some reason in the case of Airbourne I find it acceptable. I’m not suggesting anyone raise them up on the “bringing back true rock n’ roll” alter, but at the very least Airbourne deserve a light (light!) pat on the back for capturing and reinvigorating the energy of vintage AC/DC.

But grammarians the band members are not. Phil Freeman of Heavy Metal Superfan points out that it’s all in the punctuation:

See, “No Guts, No Glory,” while trite as all hell, is at least a purposeful title that might conceivably inspire someone to purchase your album (out March 8 on Roadrunner ) and enjoy your brand of fist-pumping, beer-guzzling rawk. But that wasn’t the path you chose. No, you went with…

No Guts. No Glory.

Whoopsie! Oh, the difference one piece of punctuation can make. And yes my grammar is always perfect, damnit.


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