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system of a downLet’s get this out of the way right off the bat: System of a Down never broke up. The band members made it pretty clear that their break following 2006’s Ozzfest headline run (and 2+ year touring cycle prior) was just that, a break. If and when the band regrouped for another album and/on tour it would be when they were ready to do so, not because of outside pressures such as record label and/or fan demands. Bands do this all the time, only they don’t say things like “going on hiatus” that get press retards and all sorts of other idiots up in a tizzy. It’s perfectly normal to want some time off — to relax or pursue other endeavors — after having been on the road for over two years straight, don’t you think?

So. A Tweet by System of a Down bassist Shavo Odajian last night has the metal blogosphere shitting its panties. Dug up by Metal Insider:

“Are you guys ready for System???”

This could mean that System are getting ready for another tour and/or album… it could also mean that the band are releasing some kind of box set, rarities collection, or best-of compilation, as very likely could end up being the case with last week’s Soundgarden “reunion” frenzy. It could mean any number of things. Singer Serj Tankian recently spoke about working on his 2nd solo record, but that could certainly be pushed aside for now if he’d rather do System.

For now it’s too early to say. I suppose the truth will come out in the next few weeks. Metal kvltists/tr00ists/elitists will surely disagree, but I’m certainly excited about a potential new SOAD album.


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