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ihsahn - afterNow’s your chance to have a listen to what might be my favorite album of 2010 so far, former Emperor frontman Ihsahn’s second solo album After. The entire album is streaming for free at Plugd. I’m really excited for you all to hear this record so you can tell me whether it’s just me or it really is fucking brilliant.

If you’re expecting the black metal drone of Emperor, don’t; Ihsahn’s solo work is something completely different, made to be judged on its own accord. After is a veritable melting pot of influences both from within metal and without, and while some black metal overtones occasionally make themselves known there is no mistaking that this is not a black metal record at all. It’s stylistically all over the map, yet it somehow holds together in one cohesive whole.

Stream After on Plugd. You’ll need to have a Facebook account to login.


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