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I know the name wouldn’t be very metal, but I’m increasingly convinced that Misery Index should change their name to “Happy Index,” ’cause they make me so happy. And you so happy. I mean, right now, I’m cranking this new MI song, “Heirs to Thievery,” that our bro-bros at Metal Injection snagged on film, and there are birds chirpin’ outside my window! They’re all “YEEEEAAAAHHHHHH!!!!! MISERY INDEX FUCKING R00LZ MOTHERFUCKER!!!!!!!!” And the birds are right. Misery Index fucking r00lz.

“Heirs to Thievery” will presumably be on Misery Index’s new album, which should be out later this year on Relapse. While you’re waiting, Metal Injection has more footage of the band crushin’ it at this show, as well as some cool footage of Swarm of the Lotus. Check it out here.


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