Silent Civilian have released a new video, for the song “The Last One Standing,” and, uh, wow. That not-so-subtle mix of jingoism and terrible special effects just really hits the spot for me, y’know? Like, I always thought “Gee, those recruitment ads for the marines would be sooooo much hotter if they had generic metalcore instead of Three Doors Down,” and now the band has granted my wish! Hoo-rah! I’m off to enlist.

Oh well. While Vince categorized the song as “a little bit meh” when we first heard it last year, I’d argue that it is, at least,  better than “Atonement,” the new song the band released earlier this month. The guitar solos are pretty epic, anyways.

Silent Civilian’s new album, Ghost Stories, comes out May 18 on Mediaskare/Century, and I’ve now officially lost all interest.


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