Viral Vomit



True story: shortly after my mom joined Facebook she actually posted on my wall telling me to clean my room. My mom… on Facebook… telling me to clean my room. Oy vey.

One Sunday evening I was lounging around the Mansion bored and posted a Facebook status update to the tune of “I’m bored. What do you people do on Sunday nights?” In hindsight it was a pretty pointless post. Responses ranged from “Watch football” to “Watch football,” and since I don’t have a TV in the Vince Division I was no better off than when I’d started. My mom, ever the opportunist, took advantage of the opening by posting on my wall to say that I should come over to her apartment and clean out the one closet of stuff I still keep at her place (mostly baseball cards… what the fuck else am I supposed to do with them?). Since her post was naturally a few hours after the fact it dangled there like a fart in a shower for all to see. It was humiliating! Why at this age I should even care at all is a mystery to me, but I felt like I was in high school all over again. At the very least it provided for some LOLs later on. Needless to say, after that I had to have a talk about proper Facebook behavior with Mama Neilstein.

MS reader Anna sent us a video by a group called Blood of TigerCat that completely understand my plight. The song is fittingly called “My Mom’s on Facebook.” I’ll let them take it from here…


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