Reunion Mania



Buried in a press release about Whitfield Crane doing a guest gig/Dio/Peter Steele/Paul Gray multi-dead-musican tribute show with Costa Rica’s Sight of Emptiness* was this awesome news from Mr. Crane:

“It’s ON — UGLY KID JOE is back. We are talking about doing shows next year, in addition to studio time. I’m stoked.”

I don’t know what’s up with burying reunion news in press releases about other shit, but all I can say about this particular reconciliation is: YES!!! (Note: Apparently this news has been on the band’s MySpace page since May. I’d like to thank every one of you fuckers who e-mails me every day to tell me about your friend’s awful unsigned band, to tell us to post about something we’ve already posted about, or to express anger over my hatred towards Parkway Drive for not making any mention of this news. Sheesh.)

I don’t know if anyone will be excited about this reunion besides me, but it’s not like I care about anyone besides myself, anyways. I will go see UKJ live, and I will be excited about it. And even though the band’s last studio album, 1996’s Motel California, was pretty much unlistenable, I will give a new UKJ studio album too much coverage.

Unfortunately, this is all we know right now. But expect to get sick of hearing about these dudes as more info becomes available.


*Oh, yeah. By the way. If you live in or near Escazu, Costa Rica, tomorrow night at 8 p.m. Whit Crane and Sight of Emptiness are doing a tribute to Dio, Peter Steele and Paul Gray at Jazz Café. Hey, that rhymes!

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