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Where to begin with this woefully disappointing Mets season? It all fell apart on that disastrous 2-9 West Coast road trip in July. Sure, the problems started before then with two weeks of .500 ball prior to and immediately after the All Star break… but what team doesn’t have a string of mediocrity? After they returned from out west it seemed like they’d given up — everyone excerpt for R.A. Dickey, of course, by far the most Metal Met. Well, that’s not quite true… our starting pitching has been phenomenal. Excellent. Whoda thunk it going into this season?

While the season’s been disappointing to be sure, it’s been a helluva lot more satisfying than last year’s. We’ve seen the emergence of some genuine, quality homegrown talent in the likes of Ike Davis, Jon Niese, Ruben Tejada and Josh Thole. A really, really solid core of youngsters to build upon. I like that. Let’s dump K-Rod and Beltran in trades for prospects this off-season and move on, and FOR THE LOVE OF GOD just cut Oliver Fucking Perez from the roster and take the salary hit. What an asshole, that guy; what a baby. Ugh… it makes my blood boil. What a fucking baby.

Oh and one more thing: Angel Pagan. Gotta love that guy. I’m perfectly fine with having him as our starting center fielder in 2011.

Anywho, I’m ranting. Randy Johnson, one of the most metal baseball players to ever hover on a pitcher’s mound (look at that scowl!!!), apparently fancies himself a metal photographer these days and shot some photos at Ozzfest for Noisecreep. I’m wondering if Johnson couldn’t secure a photo pass or just didn’t want to be seen in the photo pit, because there aren’t actually very many pictures of bands playing. But I like that Johnson is doing something interesting with his retirement. Check out the pics at Noisecreep.


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