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As was the case last Wednesday, a whole buncha bands have all released new videos at once, and for convenience’s sake, I’m just gonna lump them all together in one post. If you don’t like it, go get a bowling ball, hold it over your head, and release the ball. Thanks.

First up we have “Unbreakable,” the new Raul Gonzo-directed video from Sumeriancore masters Veil of Maya. I’m not as big of a fan of this band as Vince is, although I certainly respect the heck outta ’em, especially after seeing their live set at Summer Slaughter earlier this month. But I have no fucking idea what’s going on in this video. These people are connected to the band via wires and stuff, and, uh, I guess the music is, like, making them type real fast, and mash stuff with their hands, and, um, fingerpaint?, and, uh… then they put all this stuff in the oven, and it grows into a brain. I mean, I’m a college educated New York Jew, so I know from over-thinking stuff, but I don’t even know where to begin with this one. If anyone has any theories, by all means, put ’em in the comments section. Otherwise I’m just gonna go with, “Hey, cool song!”

I really like Cancer Bats. This video is like the opposite of the Veil of Maya video, in that it not only looks really cool, but has a pretty simple, easy-to-follow concept: the song is called “Scared to Death,” and in the clip, the band are kidnapped by the members of Portal and made to perform in the middle of the dark woods. Which would probably be pretty scary. Thus, “Scared to Death.” Ta-dah!

Even though they spell it differently, I’m a huge nerd, and therefore can’t think of Dagoba without thinking of Yoda’s swamp planet. I also can’t think of Dagoba without thinking of Mnemic, ’cause they sound just like Mnemic, only with a more annoying vocalist. They’re even produced by Tue Madsen. Consequently, I only made it halfway through their new video, for the song “Black Smokers.” So I don’t know what happens to the drowning dude in the glass case. I suspect he either dies, or turns shit against the evil little girl. Or maybe he sneaks his way into the video of a better band. I dunno, I dunno.

I don’t really know anything about Apocalyptica beyond what everybody knows, which is “They’re that band that plays cellos.” But I did recently hear “Bring Them to Light,” an excellent track from their new album, 7th Symphony, that features vocals by Joejira. And the video for the song “Sacra,” another track from that same release, is very, very beautiful. So maybe I should get off my ass and actually give this entire record a listen.

Finally there’s this performance footage of Asphyx playing the excellently titled “Death… The Brutal Way.” It’s from the band’s upcoming concert DVD/CD, Live Death Doom. I don’t know why I’ve never gotten into Asphyx; this song offers nothing if not truth in advertising, and the show looks absolutely killer. This gets me so pumped! In fact, I’m gonna go put a plastic bag over the head of that girl I’ve been keeping in the basement for the past couple of weeks. Be right back.


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