• Axl Rosenberg

Someone call the CDC: Crabcore is a virus, and it’s spreading fast.

A reader calling himself “PeniX” (seriously, dude?) sent us the below video by See My Fatal Trace, a Mexican band that clearly has no higher artistic aspiration than to be to their country’s Attack Attack! Only they might actually be worse than Attack Attack!, ’cause they don’t have that band’s PR machine to provide them with the appropriate level of glo$$. They do, however, have the most inadvertently hilarious music video I’ve seen since waking up this morning. (My favorite part is when the dude bleeds idyllic images of his woman.)

If I was one of those right wingers who wants to keep all the Mexicans out of the U.S., I’d just start showing people this video. I think it would be pretty hard to watch this and still stand by all that “Give me your tired, your hungry, your blah blah blah” crap.

And, no, it isn’t Taco Day here at MS.


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