• Axl Rosenberg

So I can’t keep track of what the fuck is going on with Aerosmith these days, mostly because I barely care on account of the band’s “let’s never release anything musically relevant ever again” policy; I know Steven Tyler and Joe Perry hate each other, though, and even though Tyler is still in Aerosmith (at least for now), I guess he’s doing some solo stuff anyway.

Like this song called “Love Lives,” which Ain’t It Cool News has helpfully pointed out is in the trailer for this new Japanese space opera, Space Battleship Yamato. As a matter of fact, Tyler apparently wrote the song specifically for movie. I don’t know why he would want his lead solo track going in a Japanese film which will most likely be watched in other countries only by nerds of the highest order; I assume the thinking was, “Well, one of my biggest hits was in Armageddon, so I should try to re-create that success with a power ballad in another sci-fi action flick,” and then everyone in Hollywood was like,”That’s fine, but only if it’s with Aerosmith,” and then Tyler was like, “Fuck that,” then the Japanese were all, “We’ll take it!” ‘Cause Japan is where dudes like Sebastian Bach are still popular.

No word on when/if this flick will get a release date outside of Japan, but presumably Tyler’s song will end up on the internet sooner or later.


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