• Axl Rosenberg

I saw Meek is Murder again on Sunday night; I think this is the fifth or sixth time I’ve seen them this year, although it might be more like the seventh. In any case, I’ve seen them perform a lot in 2010, and the gigs really never get old. There’s a fun drinking game to be had in doing a shot every time Frank Godla breaks a drum stick, or bassist Sam Brodsky crashes into the audience; this band feels truly spontaneous and unpredictable in a way most modern extreme music outfits do not. I am determined that as many Suckalos as possible will see this band live, or, at the very least, start listening to them.

The group guest-hosted the latest edition of “The Fix,” Metal Injection’s weekly video podcast, and you should all watch it below, ’cause, surprise surprise, they have great taste. Frank told me that this is the most number of videos to have ever been selected for an episode of “The Fix,” and, yet, it is still the shortest episode in the series’ history; that should surprise absolutely no one, given that MiM’s sets are so short (roughly twenty minutes, maybe even less), and a cover of Botch’s “Japam” is usually the longest song.

Watch more episodes of “The Fix” right here. And for the third time this article, in case you still haven’t clicked through, Meek is Murder on MySpace.


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