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journal - unjorla

Meet Journal, a progressive mathgrind band from Sacramento.

Over the course of the past several months we’ve gotten more emails from multiple sources about this band than perhaps any other, a sure sign that a band is at least worth checking out and a probable sign that a band will jive with our tastes. Thankfully in this case it’s both; Journal sound like what Dillinger Escape Plan might’ve ended up sounding like if Weinman and co. had taken a few more bong tokes and listened to a few more Dream Theater albums. They play spastic grind like the best of ’em, but they punctuate it with slices of keyboard and progressive passages that’ll sooth your inner nerd.

Listen to five full tracks from Journal’s second full-length, the anagram-tasticly titled Unjorla Unlorja at their Bandcamp page. While the aforementioned mix of metal genres might be the aural equivalent to some metalheads of piss in their Cheerios, I encourage those who like to think of themselves as foreward-thinking to open their minds a bit. Yeah, like that’ll happen.


Thanks: Suraj Patra, Dave Tremblay, Ryan Benjamin (x2) and anyone else who sent us links to this band.

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