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When Metal Sludge reminded us of its glory days last month with a new list of the Top 10 Drunkest Living Rock Stars of All Time I was surprised to see Bang Tango / Beautiful Creatures frontman Joe LeSte place #9. I mean it wouldn’t surprise me if he was a drunk, but could he really out-do Chris Holmes’ famous pool interview, ranked at #10?

Then I saw this footage, linked in the article:

Note his band members roll their eyes after being addressed as “fuckheads” following a minute of Joe’s drunken ranting. Followed by more ranting, more eye-rolling and a lame cover. With a missed intro cue. This video is sad in so many ways!

And then this:

OK, the “they’ve gotten huge” quip about Adler’s Appetite is pretty funny. But covering this song seems pretty desperate; they’re covering a song that another band, featuring one ex-member of the band on stage, covered — and that band featuring only one member of the band who wrote the song, booted out early on no less. So it’s like a cover band covering a cover band covering an original. THAT is sad. Do that few people really go to see Bang Tango for their originals? That is some delusional drunken shit right there.

Mr. Rachelle, I stand corrected.

But I still love Beautiful Creatures self-titled album!


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