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Photo by Josh Barry

Label – Prosthetic Records
Release Date – TBA 2011

Century’s Black Ocean had riffs, rage, and just enough originality to give everything else out that year a run for its money as a personal favorite from 2008. And if the early — and still decidedly rough — mixes of the band’s follow-up are any indication, Century will be back at the top of the heap come the end of 2011, too. It’s not that the music is the most progressive or groundbreaking mix of hardcore and metal — it’s that the band does it so well.

Century frontman Carson Slovak will be the first to acknowledge that his band’s follow-up to Black Ocean is more than a little different stylistically this time around. He’s also quick, though, to admit that he’s not re-writing the book of rock n’ roll, either. “I just tried to rip-off Rage Against The Machine and Refused and Snapcase,” Slovak told MetalSucks about the new songs. “All my rip-offs are totally obvious.”

“I’m thinking about calling the album Red Giant,” Slovak continued with candid frankness. “Basically Ricky [Armellino, bass] and I just sat down and tried our hardest to come up with riffs that ripped-off Rage Against The Machine. Then we’d record them to a click, figure out a structure, and then I’d write the drum parts on my laptop with Superior Drummer. For the lyrics, we just wrote down a bunch of garbage, stream-of-consciousness style. None of it means anything. On Black Ocean, I actually tried to write good songs. [This time] I just wanted to write fun music.”

It’s still in the recording stages, but so far, the album is, indeed, fun. The multi-faceted frontman/graphic designer/audio engineer is continuing to record tracks that will become whatever the band ends up calling it at his own Atrium Audio studios, where he’s worked with August Burns Red and This Or The Apocalypse, among a slew of others. Look for this one later this year.


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