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EX-ATTACK ATTACK GUITARIST NEEDS UR DONATIONS!!!!!Kinda looks like his shirt says “SHEART” lol like SHART

So today I got a Twitter message from Johnny Franck, who was the guitarist in Attack Attack!, but he quit bc he was partying too much and felt like he was not being a good Christian. But he is starting a new band called The March Ahead. I guess bc they are a new band they don’t have a lot of money and they are trying to collect $4500 in donations to record their demo with Joey Sturgis and I wanted to ask u guys if you can help!!  He has a page set up where u can donate and here is what it says on there:

I started The March Ahead because I love to make and play music. With this music project I will be playing shows occasionally but I will not be going out on 6 week long tours like i was doing with Attack Attack!

We need this money to help fund the costs of recording songs with Joey Sturgis so that we can get this project off the ground and bring these songs to all of you! Thanks in advance for all of your support!!

So yeah they need your help!!! He is a really nice kid from Columbus who just wants to be in a band, play Starcraft, and not have to worry about paying for all of this stuff!

Here is the video where he quit the band via Youtube– it’s cool that there were no hard feelings, I thought the montage of his memories w the John Meyer song in the background was so sweet! <3 They are still besties even if they are not in a band together anymore!!!!

EX-ATTACK ATTACK GUITARIST NEEDS UR DONATIONS!!!!!They have a bunch of prizes that u get for donating money so check them out and give what you can!!. OMG this one would be so amazing but so crazy too bc I don’t know what I would say to him I would probably just be like “AAAAAAAAAAAAH I love ur music so much thank you so much for helping me get through so much stuff!!!!!!!!!” and hug my screen lol

I haven’t listened to this kind of music for that long so IDK maybe it happens a lot, but I have never heard of anybody doing this before! I guess like back in the day bands who were just starting out had to do a lot of stuff to earn money before they could record a demo, get promo photos, and buy guitars or whatever. Like they couldn’t just record their songs right away, they had to play at crappy little places where nobody goes, make shirts and other stuff to sell, then save up the money– it must have sucked lol!!! It sounds like soooo much work, I think all bands should just have ppl give them money to record so they don’t have to do all of that stuff!

So yeah um here is Johnny’s page where u can donate, if anybody wants to help me pay for a video chat prize I will love you forever lol!

-Sergeant D.

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