Green Eggs and Slam


  • Sergeant D

You know how sometimes you’re like, “Ugh, fuck it, I hate music, I’ve heard everything and it all sucks,” but then some little band comes out of nowhere and fucking completely blows you away? The latest band to knock my dick in the dirt is a deathcore band called DEFILER, whose debuted song is called “Cryomancer.” No, I’m not sure what that means, either. It’s kind of lulzy to hear such ungodly, brutal vocals come out of Defiler’s singer (who is 17 and looks like he’s maybe 125 lbs soaking wet), but goddamn! In case you think that’s all studio trickery, here’s a video of the vocal tracking — this kid is a fucking beast!!

In all seriousness though, these kids have some serious fucking talent. This song is tight as fuck, and they can more than hold their own with deathcore heavyweights like The Acacia Strain, ABACABB or Emmure. From reading their MySpace and YouTube responses, they seem real nice, and I expect big things from them if they stick with it.

Hit them up on Facebook (or MySpace if you’re a poor person and/or an immigrant) and tell them Sergeant D sent you! In the meantime, you can be like me and rewind the beginning a million times to hear “I WANNA HEAR YOU CRY, BITCH!” over and over again.

-Sergeant D.

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