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There are two kinds of video studio updates worth watching: funny ones that actually take time and effort to produce, like the three-part series Protest the Hero put together for the album that’s now called Scurrilous, and videos where you actually get to hear solid chunks of new songs. Everything in between — which, sadly, is most of the drek that bands pass off as “studio updates” in an effort to get Blabbermouth to post so 10 dudes in the Czech Republic will have to change their pants — is just boring.

So while I’d consciously decided to hold off on posting anything about the new Scale the Summit record Collisions — which I already did here and here — until there was actually new music for us to hear in full, I’m forced to go back on that self-promise because the band’s latest studio update is chock full of clips from the record. In case you can’t tell I really like this band and want you to like them too so I can re-assure my frail ego that my taste in music doesn’t suck.

My first take on the new material is that it sounds PHENOMENAL. It also sounds a lot mellower than much of what was on Carving Desert Canyons, not that this is a bad thing at all. That’s Mark “Pretty Women and Cheap Rent” Lewis in the producer’s chair; why, we were just hanging out with Mark this weekend! Hi, Mark!


Thanks: Travis Neyhart, ton, and Jacob Gibson

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