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This post will be very concise and to the point: The other day I realized that nearly all metalcore/screamo/post-hardcore videos take place in a grassy field, and I will use this space to list several examples. I don’t know if you have ever tried to make a Wikipedia entry, but it’s really hard because some pedantic nerd/ass hole/etc. will delete it in like two minutes (like when I tried to make a Wiki for wigger slam back in the day), so I feel like MetalSucks is the best venue to document this phenomenon.

[Thanks to tween expert/post-teenager Elise from Reign In Blonde for a couple of these examples]

Figure 1: Mychildren Mybride, “King Of The Hopeless”

Pretty archetypal “metalcore in a field” video, including some kind of dull, unclear “story” that is intercut with the performance elements. In this case, it’s some people in robes walking around. Doesn’t really make sense to me, but I was also only giving it at most 30% of my attention.

Figure 2: Attack Attack!, “Smokahontas”

Essentially the same template as above, only the clumsily-told story is about some kind of crime or whatever. IDK, again did not really give it my full attention. Looks like it was cold in the field. An aside: love this song — by far their best.

Figure 3: Mewithoutyou, “Bullet to Binary”

One of the earlier examples of the “screamo band in a field” video. Note key elements such as a small child, Biblical allusions, and some kind of vague, dumb “story” that doesn’t really make any sense. Also, one of the very, very worst bands I can think of to actually become “successful” and “popular.”

Figure 4: The Almost, “Southern Weather”

Subtle variation in that the band is playing on the shores of a Florida swamp, rather than a simple grassy field that could be anywhere (likely on the property owned by one of the band members’ family). Also, much better song than most of the other ones in this post.

Figure 5: Norma Jean, “Memphis Will Be Laid To Waste”

Another early example of both a band in a field AND a Christian metalcore band who shamelessly rips off Deadguy. On the one hand it’s kind of lulzy that they actually resorted to the heavyhanded use of subtitles to tell the “story” in this video, but on the other hand, at least it makes a little bit of sense, which is a lot more than you can say for most of these videos.

Figure 6: The Showdown, “The Man Named Hell”

Oh boy… this one is a real LOL factory — PANTERA/BLACK LABEL SOCIETY/BIKERS 4 CHRIST (in a grassy field). So much fail in one place I don’t even know where to start. To make matters even more lulzy, they actually have ANOTHER grassy field video (which I can’t embed thanks to their retarded label)!!

Obituary- The End Complete
Uploaded by Dagoba54. – Explore more music videos.

Figure 7: Obituary, “The End Complete”

As far as I can tell, this is the original “metal in a grassy field” video, but I feel like I’d be giving these Christian metalcore bands way too much credit if I suggested that they ripped it off (especially since most of the guys in those bands were born in like 1989). Also, if you know anything about cinematography you can see that this video is head and shoulders above all these metalcore ones, with a very cool Daniel Pearl/Texas Chainsaw/8mm with light leaks vibe that perfectly suits Obituary’s fuzzed-out style of Celtic Frost worship — a far cry from The Showdown.


Figure 1A: Slayer, “Seasons In The Abyss”

Back in 1988 or so (pedantic metal dorks feel free to correct me and tell me this actually came out in January of 1989 or whatever), Slayer released one of the best metal videos of all time for the title track to their third LP. It is creepy as fuck and scared the shit out of me every time it came on Headbanger’s Ball, and I will always love it for that. As far as I know, it is also the original “metal in the desert video,” at least if you exclude retarded shit like Queenryche “Queen Of The Reich.”

Figure 2A: As I Lay Dying, “The Darkest Nights”

I feel like these guys might actually know who Slayer is, so it’s possible that they deliberately ripped off/”took inspiration from” the Slayer video — and if so, I can respect that, but let’s stop right there. Just because ALID did it doesn’t mean every other mosh4christ band gets to do it, you know??

Figure 3A: Impending Doom, “There Will Be Violence”

There are zillions of “desert Christian metalcore/deathcore” videos, but for the sake of brevity I will stop here. From what I can tell, there are more grassy field videos than desert videos, but I am inclined to think that has less do to with creative direction than the simple fact that driving out to Lancaster is a bigger pain in the ass than asking your uncle if you can film a video out behind his horse barn.

What other examples of “metalcore in a grassy field” can you think of?? Who started this trend? Is there some sort of connection between Jesus and grassy fields/the high desert that I am missing?????? How many people in these bands have heard of Obituary??!?!?!

-Sergeant D.

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