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WHATEVER HAPPENED TO SKINLESS?So asked reader Ray Pecheone in an e-mail he sent us earlier this week. And since I enjoy helping fans track down seemingly off-the-grid bands, I did some snooping.

So apparently the band did play at least one live show in the past few months — their first in awhile, as I understand it. A source also tells me that the group is hoping to record a new album this year, but that there’s no official word as of yet. Assuming that they do make a new album in 2011, though, it will be their first release in some time — their last was 2006’s Trample the Weak, Hurdle the Dead. (They did release a collection of demos, Regression Towards Evil, in 2007, but that doesn’t really count.)

So, uh, hope that helps, Ray! While you wait for Skinless to make an extra super-duper official return, you should know that they at least have a new t-shirt design (right)… and it’s pretty rad! You can order one here.


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