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  • Axl Rosenberg

Earlier this month Six Feet Under shed 50% of their line-up, and I cracked wise that they should hire Chimaira’s Rob Arnold as their new guitar player. He’s a known SFU fan (check out the video of him singing “Remains of You” above), and he writes great riffs, so, yeah, I thought he’d be a killer addition to the band’s ranks.

And, hey, guess what? Even though I was just fucking around when I said Arnold should join the band, he has now done just that! Says Six Feet Under vocalist Christ Barnes (who also used to be in some band called Cannibal Corpse):

“Just wanted to give you a Six Feet Under band update and let you all know that we would like to announce our good friend Rob Arnold will be joining Six Feet Under as second rhythm guitarist for upcoming touring duties, as well as collaborating on the new CD. I couldn’t be happier about the new songs and lineup! Rob and myself have been collaborating on new songs along with the band’s new drummer, Kevin Talley, for the past few months. We are all feeling really excited about the band’s future, and the raw intensity of the songs that we have created together so far. This is the heaviest most exciting material that I’ve worked on since The Bleeding [1994 Cannibal Corpse record], and I’m stoked that Rob will be helping out creating this CD with us! We’ve all known each other for a while and we’re really looking forward to continue writing the new CD and future tours. We are committed to taking Six Feet Under to the next level of brutality!”

What makes this turn of events extra-interesting is that Six Feet Under had previously announced Kevin Talley as their new drummer — and Talley was, once upon a time, the drummer in Chimaira. Based on everything I’ve read, that split was amicable… but also came about due to issues pertaining more to differences in personality than creative disagreements. But I guess all parties involved think it won’t be a problem.

ANYWAY, I am now 200% more interested in the new Six Feet Under album than I was twenty-four hours ago. Now I guess we just have to be patient and see how the release actually turns out…


[via Metal Underground]

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