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Vince Neil was sentenced to all of fifteen days after he was arrested on a DUI charge last year, despite the fact that he has literally killed people under similar circumstances. And while Neil thought his sentence of fifteen days was “harsh,” Las Vegas lawmakers refused to budge, insisting Neil be punished for his wrongdoings despite the fact that he’s a celebrity, and what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.

Oh, wait, actually, scratch that last part: according to Metal Insider, Neil was actually released after only serving ten days. Now he’s under house arrest, learning the error of his ways while enjoying what I imagine are all the luxuries that Motley Crue money can buy.

I’m honestly out of things to say about what a farce this whole thing has become. Obviously, Vince Neil is just never going to learn his lesson, while I am going to have to feel guilty for loving Dr. Feelgood for the rest of my life.

How is it that Neil’s behavior makes me feel worse than it does him? More importantly, why is is that Rob Riggle and the fat lady from Magnolia are more astringent enforcers of Vegas law in make believe than the actual Vegas lawmakers whose job it is to keep dudes like Neil off the streets?


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