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moving mountains - waves

As longtime MS commenters fritz pointed out in Monday’s post about Beardfish, it’s been a while since we regularly covered music on the fringes of metal. I’m talking about music that certainly has metallic elements but wouldn’t be considered true metal buy pretty much anyone (not just purists), though would appeal to a certain segment of metal fans. Music that  we’ve chosen to categorize as “Not Quite Metal?“, emphasis on the question mark… because who really knows what’s what in the age of micro-micro-micro-genres?

Today’s example: atmospheric space-rock outfit Moving Mountains.

You might hear a scream from time to time in their music, but I think we can all agree they’re not quite metal. If you’re a fan of bands like Dredg, Constants and Russian Circles, I think there’s a pretty good chance you’ll dig Moving Mountains. Axl and I caught roughly half a song of their opening set for Biffy Clyro in NYC last month, but that half a song was pretty darn epic. “Epic” is a word I’d certainly use to describe this band; they create soundscape and songs that feel triumphant and just bring you there.

Check out the new MM song “Where Two Bodies Lie,” from their forthcoming record Waves (May 10, Triple Crown Records), which you can stream on the band’s Facebook page for the price of a Like. What do you guys think… yay or nay?


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