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moving mountains - waves

I never know what kind of reaction I’ll get on these Not Quite Metal? posts. Often I’ll pose a band to the MS Comment Committee that’s just shy of being what most would consider “metal” in 2011 and that band will be rejected outright. Other times I’ll post something that’s far left of the metal center but I happen to dig, certain that the post will be met with cries of,” What the fuck is this doing on a metal site?”… and it’ll be met with near-universal applause. Moving Mountains are a good example of the latter; when I posted a new song by the atmospheric space rock outfit back in March ya’ll really seemed to dig. Moving Mountains are heavy, but certainly not metal. There are as many ambient passages as there are heavy riffs, and though there’s the occasional scream — ala early ’00s screamo [Thursday, ATDI, etc] — the vocals are by and large clean and rather indie-rockish in nature.

The new Moving Mountains album Waves doesn’t come out until May 10th, but Vans Warped Tour is hosting a stream of entire album this week. Here’s to hoping you dig the album as much as you did the single; I, for one, enjoyed the hell out of it this morning and am now heading back for a second pass. If you’re a fan of bands like Dredg, Constants, Junius and Russian Circles, I think there’s a pretty good chance you’ll dig Moving Mountains. Stream Waves here and pre-order it here.


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