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Alright, so I have no idea who the YouTube user known as   is, but he’s made my day by posting the below video, which shows Chimaira’s longtime producer, Ben Schigel, working on the band’s new album in the studio (peep vocalist Mark Hunter texting in the corner) — which means we get to hear roughly sixty seconds of new music.

And what a sixty seconds it is! That is a classic Chimaira riff right there — fully of groove, heavy as fuck, and retardedly catchy. I need to hear more of this album, and I need to hear it, like, yesterday.

Amazingly, this video — which was not sanctioned by the band — has been on YouTube for over a month, but it was only just brought to my attention by a reader calling himself “Butters” (obviously a Chimaira die-hard like myself).

And weirder still is that in the “suggestions” column next to the above video was a link to ANOTHER video with some MORE killer new Chimaira music in it, which has ALSO been up since February. This one’s audio quality is even worse than that of the first vid, because some dude filmed the band working on Ustream right off his monitor. But if you’re like me, new Chimaira music is new Chimaira music and you’ll take it however you can get it.

Second vid after the jump…

Chimaira’s new album is scheduled to come out later this year on eOne. In case you can’t tell, I’m really, really excited for it.


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