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Like it or hate it, dubstep has made its presence felt in the metal scene and it is not going anywhere any time soon. Ever since I first posted about “djentstep” it seems like we’ve been getting just about one reader “this is so aewsome you gotta check it out their the best!!!” email per day with another link to a metal/dubstep mash-up. And as Axl reported yesterday, even Korn are getting in on the dubstep party to the displeasure of ears everywhere.

One of the better dubstep jamz to come our way is this interpretation of one of my favorite Darkest Hour songs, “Convalescence,” done by Arkturus. Reader Isaac Lunsford sent this in, and apparently the DH dudes were so tickled by it they posted it on their own Facebook page:

Not bad, right? Kinda like cocaine I wouldn’t go jamming this every day, but it’s fun once every now and again. Download it here if you’re so inclined.

Next up we have reader Scottie G who sent in a link to his own “grindstep” jam “The God Delusion – Occam’s Razor:”

The God Delusion – Occam’s Razor (FREE DOWNLOAD – GRINDSTEP!) by scottieg

To me the programmed drums make this song feel not very grind-y (despite the fact that one-man grind projects often use programmed drums). It’s definitely metal mixed with dubstep, though, that’s for sure… but I’m not sure quite what exactly the point is. It feels sloppily mashed together.

Call me old, but I still don’t quite get the dubstep/metal correlation. Wouldn’t dubstep fit better with, like, rap? Is it because dubstep — like metal — is easy for stay-at-home nerds to do up on the computer? Is it a momentary fad that’ll soon pass? Is it a legitimate cultural phenomenon? Chime in with your thoughts on metalstep below.


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