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Graviton - Massless

It’s here! Graviton, the band guitarist Sacha Dunable (also of MS faves Intronaut) named because of an MS commenter, will release their full-length debut album Massless via Translation Loss on April 26th, but this being MetalSucks (toot toot!) we’ve got the whole thing for you here two weeks early. The album is as psychy, droney and proggy as you’d expect a band featuring three members of National Sunday Law (one of whom is also in Intronaut) to be, but a whole lot more mellow… which is to say it rules.

In case you’re wondering what on earth (or elsewhere) a Graviton is and why this album has been named Massless, look no further than the first sentence of the graviton (the thing, not the band) Wikipedia entry:

In physics, the graviton is a hypothetical elementary particle that mediates the force of gravitation in the framework of quantum field theory. If it exists, the graviton must be massless (because the gravitational force has unlimited range) and must have a spin of 2.

Well, gee… that might explain song titles such as “Hadron,” “Quarks,” “Photon,” and “Tachyon,” the latter of which I’d thought only existed on Star Trek.

Listen to Massless below. Tune into WCUR on the web tomorrow at 5:30 EDT to listen to an interview with Graviton’s Darin Tambascio.

[this streaming promotion has ended]

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