No, I don’t mean they’re gonna track down MetalSucks commenters and kill them.

What I do mean is that, according to reader Brandon Mickman, the band’s song “Mjød” appears over the closing credits of the new Norwegian horror film, The Troll Hunter, which recently screened at the Tribeca Film Festival. The flick — the latest in the recent trend of horror mockumentaries which profess to use real footage — takes place in a world where trolls are real and there are these people who, y’know, like, hunt them and stuff.

Sooo… what does this mean? Uh, nothing really. I have no idea if this movie is gonna be any good or not — the fact that there’s an awesome song over the closing credits is no guarantee of its quality. (For every Nightmare on Elm Street 3, which was an awesome slasher flick and had an awesome Dokken song on the soundtrack, there are dozens of Saws, Resident Evils, etc., which have some good bands on their soundtracks but otherwise totally blow goats.) I guess hopefully it might expose some new fans to the sexcellence that is Kvelertak? Who the fuck knows. It’s a slow news day so far so it seemed worth mentioning.

ANYWAY, here’s the trailer for the movie, if you’re interested. The movie gets a U.S. theatrical release on June 10, although you’ll be able to watch it as early as May 6 via Video OnDemand.

And on the off chance you somehow have yet to hear/give yourself over to Kvelertak’s “Mjød,” here’s the video for that song, too. The band’s self-titled debut is out now in Europe via Indie Recordings; here in North America, we have a version with some sweet bonus tracks, courtesy The End Records.


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