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THE HUMAN ABSTRACT’S DIGITAL VEIL TRACK BY TRACK BREAKDOWN CONTAINS NO REFERENCES TO STREET FIGHTERIn February Emmure’s Frankie Palmeri did a track by track breakdown of his band’s latest act of audio torture, Speaker of the Dead, for AP — and the results were nothing short of hilarious. As it turns out, not only is Palmeri stunningly untalented, but he’s also apparently inarticulate, unimaginative, and bizarrely obsessed with Street Fighter. Basically, he has all the makings of someone who will inadvertently provide us with joy for years and years to come.

Now The Human Abstract’s A.J. Minette has done a similar track by track breakdown of his band’s (fucking orgasmically incredible) latest, Digital Veil, for AP. And by “similar,” I mean insofar as they’re both dudes talking about albums on which they performed. Unfortunately, Minette is an intelligent, gifted dude who, at least as far as I can tell, does not believe that video games are spiritualist documents. For example, here is A.J.’s explanation of the song “Antebellum,” which has become my favorite track on the record:

“This song is written in Sonata form. I wanted to write a piece of music that was lengthy, but did not collapse under the weight of having too many parts. I wanted to limit the amount of ‘thematic’ material and create variations on each theme. For instance, the acoustic section of this track is repeated but instead uses electric guitar, has a registral change and incorporates different harmonies.”

I can’t believe A.J. managed to make it through that entire paragraph without encouraging fans to lots of “personal research” about alien movies starring Jessica fucking Tandy in order to “really” understand the music. It’s almost like he has half a brain or something. Huh. Weird.

Go here to read the rest of what Minette has to say about Veil — it’s all really interesting stuff. And don’t forget that THA are heading out on the road with Scale the Summit for the MetalSucks-sponsored “Pull Me From The Gallows Tour” across the U.S. starting May 13th. You can get dates here. And hopefully Mr. Minette will do another “Abstract Theory” column for us soon!


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