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Remember back in February, when Emmure’s Frankie Palmeri claimed that he was really some otherworldy being named Thanos Reignz? Here, I’ll remind you:

“For the record, my name is Thanos Reignz, although you may know me as Frankie Palmeri. My true self is beginning to emerge.”

And this is a ridiculous statement, not just because of its both pompous and preposterous, but because Thanos is a character from Marvel comics, which means that either Frankie can’t tell the difference between make believe and the really real world, or otherwise has all the imagination of a corpse.

Well, now Frankie has a new, apparently electronic side-project which is in fact called Thanos Reignz. And guess what? Not only is it terrible, but it consists almost entirely of unoriginal material.

The first Thanos track made available to the listening public is labeled simply “This Is A Preview Of What Is To Come,” which Frankie also said in that same interview from February, because now he’s even recycling his own quotes. And it’s fucking terrible, but that’s to be expected because, well, come on.

But here’s what makes the track noteworthy. And by “noteworthy,” I mean “incomprehensibly idiotic.”

The song is roughly two minutes long, and approximately one minute and twenty-four seconds (yep, I timed it, ’cause I am just that cool) of that running time is just a looped sample from the Underworld song “Born Slippy,” with some terrible house music-style cymbal and bass beats that sound like they were made on the Casio I had when I was seven added in.

So, to review: 70% of the first Thanos Reignz song is actually someone else’s song. But neither Underworld nor Rick Smith and Karl Hyde (who are credited with having written “Slippy”) are mentioned anywhere on the Thanos Reignz tumblr page save for some dude pointing out the connection in the comments section. And failing to acknowledge the folks who actually wrote the song seems, y’know, rude and disingenuous at best, and actionable at worst.

The remaining 30% of the track consists of samples of movie dialogue and some machine gun noises. So, really, Frankie’s only original contribution to this music was a few beats.

And so, to reiterate…

If you take Emmure seriously, you are stupid.


[via The PRP]


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