I feel bad consistently dishing on Queensryche these days because the band’s music has meant so much to me in the past… but it’s that whole thing about your heroes letting you down, ya know? Only plausible conclusion: Chris DeGarmo was my hero all along.

So it is with 100% pure, unadulterated, forlorn love that I say the following: good God, new Queensryche blows, and in case you need any proof just listen to / watch their new video above. At least this time their much-maligned management successfully grasped the concept of how to utilize a music video in 2011 — in other words you don’t have to buy the album just to see the fucking thing — but unfortunately the song is bland, uninspired garbage and the video is your usual ho-hum collage of live clips. Of course I wouldn’t know how this video compares to their last video since I didn’t buy the album, but I did get a press advance of the new album, which is called Dedicated to Chaos and is out now by the way, and honest to god these are actually the opening lyrics from a song called “Hot Spot Junkie:”

The wifi wave, I’m addicted to the wifi wave.
An indispensable satellite tool I abuse. I abuse.
The world wide web and all the pictures on YouTube, there’s no escaping it.
Keeps on crawling under my skin.

Your honor, I rest my case.


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