I’m going to put about as much effort into this introduction as Axl puts into his own Cinemetal Round-ups.

First up on today’s Vince Version of Cinemetal Round-Up are death metal bludgeoners Bloodsoaked, esteemed alumni of our very own Unsigned and Unholy column. The video for “No God,” from the brand new Jamie King-produced album The Death of Hope (streamable in its entirety here), is a campy death metal clip in all the right ways: blood, gore, shred, and a slightly ambiguous storyline that has something to do with someone getting murdered. This video is further proof that a fun, professional-looking video can be shot on a small budget, and the song kicks fanny too:

The video for “Twice the Price” by post-Swede groovy melodic DM rippers Destrage isn’t especially noteworthy, but it does give a good idea of what these guys are like live: fun fun fun! Looks like the Destrage dudes bring a ton of energy to their live performances and their audience is only too happy to go along with it. It also gives me another opportunity to talk about their 2010 album The King is Fat and Old, which is super-solid and has been almost completely overlooked by the metal press.

You best know NYC’s IKILLYA by now: they appeared on Volume II of our free NYC Sucks comp, we premiered the track “… And Hell Followed With Him” from their new album Recon and we interviewed frontman Jason Lekberg. In case you still aren’t convinced that IKILLYA are one of NYC’s best up and coming metal bands, here’s the video for the aforementioned “… And Hell Followed With Him,” directed by Frankie Nasso. Bonus points if you can name that bridge in the background, and double-bonus points if you post a comment busting Jason’s balls for any reason at all (xoxoxoxo Jason!).

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