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Earlier today, Noisecreep published an interview with Insane Clown Posse’s Violent J. (his mommy calls him “Joseph Bruce”) regarding this year’s Gathering of the Juggalos. And while perusing said interview, I came across the below quote… emphasis at the end is my own:

“It’s hard to be a Juggalo. It’s not cool. We are the most hated band in the world. But when you get together with other people all over America, who do the same shit you do, it’s wonderful. I was even reading what reporters said last year, reading stories that came out after The Gathering, where writer were saying that ‘I was so surprised by everyone’s warmth and happiness.’ That’s why there is no reason for cops or tough ass security guards; it’s not on that kind of show.

And that particular assessment piqued my interest, because in case everyone has forgotten already, at last year’s Gathering, the Juggalos did this to Tila Tequila:


Now, I guess in all fairness to Juggalos, Tila Tequila is a twit, and when the crowd started throwing rocks, bottles, and firecrackers at her during her performance, her reaction was to take her top off, which is like wearing a suit made of meat into a lion cage. But in all fairness to Tila Tequila, the Juggalos were throwing fucking rocks, bottles, and firecrackers at her, and after glimpsing her fake boobs, the angry mob chased her back to her trailer, surrounded it, broke the windows, and tried to get inside. Which is not how civilized people behave. You know who does behave that way?

That’s right: ZOMBIES. Fucking zombies behave that way.

My point simply being this: to say that the Gathering of the Juggalos does not need some kind of security presence is to be completely delusional. ANY substantial gathering of people, let alone one involving alcohol, drugs, and crazy people dressed as clowns, at least one of whom HAS THE WORD “VIOLENT” IN HIS NAME, needs some kind of security presence.

So, to Violent J., I say: quit pretending that your angry, rapey fans are “warm, happy” people, and just hire some big dudes to police the fest, m’kay?



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